The Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition

There were various Minecraft editions and platforms released in the past few years. Of course, every player is expecting to release more in the future. Minecraft players will continue supporting the game because they are receiving the best gaming experience of their life. Pretty sure that they are all waiting for Minecraft’s upcoming editions and updates.

The Nintendo Switch Edition of Minecraft was released in North America on the 11th of May 2017 in digital format for only $29.99 USD and the following day in Europe. This console version was developed by the Microsoft Studios and the 4J Studios Ltd. And then, Mojang AB published the version of the Nintendo Switch.

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Features of the Nintendo Switch Edition

Game Mode

This version may be played through a Single-player mode. If you are playing this edition via Multiplayer, it can support up to 4 players in a Split Screen. And then, for local wireless mode, it can support up to 8 players. The advantage of having this edition is that you can play the game with the TV mode that runs at 1080p resolution, Table Top Mode that runs at 720p resolution and the Handheld Mode, which also runs at 720p resolution.

Mini Games

There are two mini games available in this edition. We have the Battle and the Tumble mini games.

  • Battle

This last man standing match can be played with up to 8 players. It is inspired by the Hunger Games and is also a feature game on the PC platform of Minecraft. Players may play in various arenas, such as the Crucible, the Cove and the Cavern.

  • Tumble

This is a Spleef inspired mini game, which is also a game featured in Minecraft for PC platform. Here, there are also up to 8 players supported. There are two modes available in this mini game. We have the Shovel and the Snowball. Your main goal here it so defeat players from the platform using your shovel and snowball and then, avoid falling in the lava because your platform is floating. Destroy the block of your opponent at least 2 times to win the game.

Software Bundle Contents

There are other features included in this edition. We have the Mash-up, Texture and Skin packs.

  • Mash-up Pack

We have the Festive and the Super Mario mash-up packs

  • Texture Pack

We have the Classic, Natural, City and Fantasy Texture packs.

  • Skin Pack

We have the Battle & Beasts 1 and 2 skin packs.


Latest Update

Last October 19 of 2017, an update to the version of the Nintendo Switch OS was released and it is now in version 4.0, where you may now record a video of your gameplay and then, transfer your user and data to another Switch. There were also 12 new icons added for the Super Mario Odyssey and then, the Legend of Zelda. You may now pre-purchase in the Nintendo eShop and pre-download to your Nintendo Switch. Other features were also improved, such as the News Channel Feed, matching software versions with the local Switch consoles, TKIP Wi-Fi network list and system stability.

Minecraft Texture Pack for Bedrock, Legacy Console and New Nintendo 3DS Editions

When you play games, you check the game features after downloading. Sometimes, you can’t check them right away, especially if the file that you are downloading is zipped. After unzipping them, then you can check them right away. From there, you will know if the file contains special features needed for the game that may contribute to your gaming experience.

In the world of Minecraft, you are aware that there are various editions. So, before downloading the texture that you need, you have to make sure that this file is for your current edition. Let’s take a look at the texture packs available for MInecraft. You have to make sure that you are downloading the file for your edition or else it won’t work properly on your edition.

Cartoon Textures for Minecraft

What about a Texture Pack?

Do you know what a texture pack is in the Minecraft world? It is actually a collection of various files that you may use so that you can change the textures of your block, the items that you need for crafting, the mobs and even the GUI. You may download the texture pack in a .zip file.

The Minecraft texture has a native resolution that measures 16×16 pixels, which is the height and the width of the block. Other resolutions were in HD, such as 1024×1024, 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32.


You need to download the zipped texture pack from your favorite websites. The Minecraft will only recognize this file as a texture if it contains the most important file named, the pack.txt.


You need to run or execute your Minecraft and make sure that you are in the Main Menu of the game. From there, select the Texture Packs button. Just go to your Options if it is not visible in the Main Menu. You will see a button that says Open Texture Packs. You have to click that and it will open the texture pack folder for your Minecraft edition. If the folder is missing, then it’s time for you to manually find it. You may locate your folders from the following:

For Windows 7, 8, XP and Vista, it is in %appdata%\.minecraft\resourcepacks.

For Linux and GNU, it is in ~/.minecraft/resourcepacks.

For Mac OS, it is in ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/resourcepacks.

You just need to wait for a couple of seconds and you can find your texture appeared in your Minecraft edition. Simply click Done button and your all set because the texture pack has been applied and ready for use. If after clicking the Done button and still, your Minecraft failed to update the texture pack, then not to worry. Be patient and restart your Minecraft game.

The texture packs are not meant to change everything in your edition of Minecraft. Some packs contain new textures, redesigned textures and updated or modified textures. By the way, you may install all the texture packs as long as they are available in your Minecraft edition. The texture packages are meant for players, so that they can have a better interface and a Minecraft world full of fun.

Tumble Mini Game of Minecraft for PS Edition

In the world of Minecraft, Mini game servers also exist. Indeed, you can get it from the TU36 update of the Legacy Console Edition. Actually, you are allowed to play it via a split screen. You may also play with your friends online and even with random players or other consoles.

There were other mini games featured aside from the Tumble. We have the Battle and the Glide. The Battle is just like the Hunger Games. While the Glide, which was added on 29th of March 2017 is more on the elytra racing through 9 tracks.

The Tumble Mini Game was added and released on the 30th of August 2016. Actually, this is just like the game called, the Spleef and the Battle Mini Game. Here, your goal is to knock out the Blocks from other players.

And then, you must remain standing on the ground. It is like a last man standing match because whoever is the last player standing will win. That’s how the cycle goes until you get to the next maps. You need to win 3 rounds to end the mini game. The more players, the longer time you play because winning 3 rounds takes time, especially if you are playing with competent players.

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Tumble Modes

These modes are just like the playing environment or setting. Let’s say that you are in a ring with different themes. It is either you will choose your theme or receive a surprise theme. So, how would you like to break your opponent’s block? Is it with a shovel, snow or both?


Here, the players are standing on a single stage with a huge platform. Now use that iron shovel to defeat other players. The platform comes with just a single layer. And then, there is a lava below. When you make the wrong move, then you will fall. Do not worry about the winning and the losing part. Remember that this platform is too massive, so you can stand still and island yourself. Now, if you really want to fight and break your opponent’s block, then you have to make sure that you are close enough to break his block.


We have 3 layers or rows of platforms here. You have to dig these tiers out using the snowball. Do not worry about a single wrong move because you won’t fall right away on the lava. Just make sure that there is a block or layers under and you are still safe. The top most layer is smaller compared to the other layers, so the challenge is there. You need to stay on the top and learn how to dodge.


In this mode, the rounds are changing between the shovel and the snowball mode. If the first round is in a shovel mode, you can’t say that the next round is snowball. The modes come at random, and that is the challenge. So, learn how to survive on both modes. This might be tricky, but just focus and you will surely win the rounds no matter what mode it is.


The Telltale Series of Minecraft Season 2 Story Mode

Minecraft fanatics have a story to follow and that is with this so-called Telltale. This series is a family-friendly episode of games. The player needs to make essential decisions and combats that will be carried out through the story. Of course, the gamers will still need to mine and build just like the usual approach. Here, you will feel like playing an arcade game, too, because of the controls. Expect to face new characters in your Minecraft world.

This story mode of Minecraft comes with 5 episodes. At the moment, there are 24 achievements that players can get. Of course, you can get the achievements from the episodes. And then, you will also receive a corresponding Xbox point and a PlayStation Trophy for each achievement obtained.

The Season 2 focuses on Jesse and friends, especially they have already defeated the Wither Storm. They were able to save the world and became famous. That made life complicated because there are more responsibilities to do. Adventures has no more space in his busy life, so the friends started to vanish. But, there is this gauntlet from the ancient underwater temple and stuck in Jesse’s hand. Anyway, start playing the series and you will find out more about this journey.

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The Voices and the Main Cast

You must be wondering about who the voices are behind those characters. Let us name them to be recognized.

  • Patton Oswalt play as the male Jesse, who is Beacontown’s leader and the main cast in the story.
  • Catherine Taber play as the female Jesse.
  • Ashley Johnson play as Petra, who is a courageous warrior and she is thinking that her friends are focused only on their responsibilities instead of spending time with adventures.
  • Matthew Porter play as Lukas, who is writing a novel titled, the Order of the Stone.
  • Yuri Lowenthal play as Radar, who is the assistant of Jesse.
  • Brian Posehn play as Axel, who is the Boom Town’s leader.
  • Natasha Loring play as Olivia, who is Redstonia’s leader.


The Episodes

Hero in Residence

The very first episode is entitled, the Hero in Residence, which was directed by Jonathan Stauder and written by Eric Stripe. It was released on the 11th of July 2017.

Giant Consequences

The second episode is entitled, the Giant Consequences, which was directed by Sean Manning and written by Meredith Ainsworth. It was released on the 15th of August 2017.

Jailhouse Block

The third episode is entitled, the Jailhouse Block, which was directed by Christopher Reiser and written by Adam Esquenzai Douglas. It was released on the 19th of September 2017.

Below the Bedrock

The fourth episode is entitled, the Below the Bedrock, which was directed by Daniel Rosales and written by Meredith Ainsworth, Doug Lieblich and Nicole Martinez. It was released on the 7th of November 2017.

Above and Beyond

The fifth episode is entitled, the Above and Beyond, which was directed by Mark Droste and written by Adam Miller. It will be released soon in December of 2017. Pretty sure that many Minecraft gamers are waiting for this upcoming episode.

Minecraft Command Block for PC/Mac

If you are just new to the world of Minecraft, then you might find it confusing to make and execute commands. As a player, we all started from zero with the basic of any game, anyway. So, you must not take that as a hindrance and stop you from playing. Many of us find gaming a way to relax. Through games we kill much time, but we do not forget our responsibilities and obligations.

For kids, who is spending much time in playing. Parents or adults must control that. It is indeed good to play educational games, but we must not let the kids forget about their studies and the real world, too. In other words, we must not only let kids enjoy the game world, but allow them to be exposed in the real world as much as possible.

Anyway, going back to Minecraft, especially if you are a beginner. You must be worried about what to do with the command block. Worry not because we are here to extend help and share what we know.

Minecraft Commands

What about the Command Block?

Do you know what a command block is? This is an advanced feature that you can find in Minecraft for PC/Mac. You can keep this command block in the inventory through the aid of a game command, plant it and even make commands. Whatever command sent through your chat window may also run via command block. What is really nice with a command block is that, you may create a program for the command block to do difficult things. You must look at this feature as a challenge and not to make things complicated.

So, how are we going to add this command block to the inventory? You have to turn cheats on in the world of Minecraft, so that you can execute the game commands.

You need to give the player a command block by simply typing:

/give <Player> command_block [Amount]


/give MyMine command_block 3

Here, the Player is actually the name of the nearest or your target player, whom you are giving a command block. The Amount refers to the number of command blocks you are giving to the other player.

Entering the Command

First, you need to get to the chat window by pressing the letter T.

Second, type the command with the correct syntax and press the Enter Key to execute the command. You can find this at the bottom left corner of your screen. This command block will then be sent to the inventory of the other player. You will also see that the command block was already sent through the message that says, “Given [Command Block] x 3 to MyMine.”

Third, you can use the command block by putting it on the ground. You must also add your redstone device next to the command block so that you can activate it. But, there must be a space between the command block and the redstone device.

Fourth, click the command box and enter the console command. Example, time set day. Every time you want to use the command block, you will just need to toggle the redstone device used.